Fashion in Motion Behind the Scenes: Roksanda Ilincic

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Video Transcript

Behind the Scenes: Roksanda Ilincic

My name is Roksanda Ilincic and today I am a guest of V&A Fashion in Motion. When we have four shows, all the same, but actually mixing four of my collections. Fashion in Motion, the name of it, I tried to push even further and introduce some ballet dancers as well rather than just having models. What I try to do is mix fashion with paintings and Raphael and this beautiful space.

My favourite fabrics which I’m using every season are always natural fabrics so it’s 100% silks or 100% natural fibers in very different thicknesses. What I like to do is combine very heavy, big, almost upholstery fabrics with something that is very light; something that almost resembles smoke or clouds so it almost doesn’t have a texture at all. That is something that is of my signature as well.

Inspiration comes from different things. Sometimes it can be literally just a page in a book that I saw that kind trigger all the other inspirations that come and build up into the collection. Or it can be something particular, some vintage dress I found in my mom’s wardrobe that I discover completely by accident. What I like to do is really mix different things and it’s really like putting different ingredients and the right level of all the ingredients together.

Ballet is something that I really love, that I was brought up with as well. Actually as a little girl I wanted to be ballet dancer as well but I happened to be too tall. The whole name, Fashion in Motion inspired me to do something that is producing more emotion than just the walk of a model, which is why I thought ballet would link beautifully.

I think it is very important to keep the mood of your collections and the sense of your collections but at the same time it’s always important to move on and experiment with something new.

Basically the collections that I show are Spring/Summer 09, Spring/Summer 08, I think going all the way to 07. And there is one more that I can’t remember, sorry!


Roksanda Ilincic reveals the thinking behind her spectacular 2008 Fashion in Motion event at the V&A. As the models are prepared for a show that revolved around the concept of motion and  incorporated ballet to emphasise this, Roksanda shares her inspirations.

An illuminating look at the sensibility of a designer known for her elegant use of soft, feminine drapery...


This is an illuminating look at the sensibility of a designer known for her elegant use of soft, feminine drapery, clever updates on glamorous styles of the 1940s and 1950s, and a flair for innovative combinations of fabric.