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Design concept: Liberty, Luxury and Empire, 1760-1815. © ZMMA

Design concept: Liberty, Luxury and Empire, 1760-1815. © ZMMA

ZMMA are a London-based practice, founded in 1994, and have a particular focus on arts projects within significant historic buildings as well as designing new buildings for historic sites. The inventive, contemporary transformation of historic spaces with a focus on natural lighting is at the centre of the practice’s work.
Render of the new galleries © ZMMA

Render of the new galleries © ZMMA

Moira Gemmill, V&A’s Director of Projects and FuturePlan, explains:

“We chose ZMMA for this project because of their inspired response to our brief. As well as covering all the practical considerations of displaying sensitive and precious objects in appropriate conditions, their concept emphasises the luxuriousness of the collection and theatricality of the period. We are sure they will create beautiful and sumptuous settings for this wonderful collection.”

ZMMA’s winning design will introduce shifts in mood and atmosphere between the galleries, created through lighting, colour scheme and arrangement of objects. The individual characteristics of each gallery will resonate with  the period and style of the collections, highlighting the transition in style from the Baroque, to Roccoco and Neoclassicism. Some displays will suggest the splendour of court interiors for which the larger and more elaborate pieceswere made, while others will evoke more intimate domestic interiors. ZMMA will also introduce sustainable, low energy climatic control within the galleries.

Adam Zombory-Moldovan of ZMMA said of winning the commission:

“Like so many visitors, we are seduced by the glamour and the academic pre-eminence of the V&A. We are enormously proud to have been chosen to work with the curators and staff to bring about the transformation of these galleries which will give new life to the public’s enjoyment of this astonishingly rich period of European design, art and culture in the V&A’s collection.”

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Event - The Curious Neoclassical Vision of Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot

Sat 28 March 2015–Sun 06 December 2015

DISPLAY: This display showcases 24 prints and drawings by French-born architect and designer, Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot (1727-1801) who was responsible for some of the most captivating and eccentric neoclassical ornamental designs ever produced.

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