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Children's literature study guide

Coloured woodblock print illustration from a page in an ABC book, UK, 19th century. Museum no. NAL RENIER COLLECTION

Coloured woodblock print illustration from a page in an ABC book, UK, 19th century. Museum no. NAL RENIER COLLECTION

General histories and studies

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Catalogues of collections

  • Library of Congress, Children’s books in the Rare Book Division, Totowa, N,J,; Rowman and Littlefield, 1975
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Exhibition catalogues

  • Gottlieb, Gerald, ed, Early children’s books and their illustration, New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 1975
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  • Children’s Books History Society Newsletter
  • The Horn Book Magazine
  • Signal: Approaches to Children’s Books

Renier collection

  • Alderson, Brian, 'The V&A’s Celebration of True Pleasures', Times Saturday Review,12th December 1970, p.15
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  • Whalley, Irene and Hobbs, Anne, eds., ‘What the Children Like’: a Selection of Children’s Books, Toys and Games from the Renier Collection, exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum … London: The Museum, 1970
See also Renier Collection at the National Art Library. Occasional lists on various categories of material in the Renier Collection, compiled by Tessa Rose Chester
  1. Struwwelpeter
  2. Penguin publications for children
  3. Movable books
  4. G.A. Henty
  5. Doll and toy stories (part 1)
  6. Doll and toy stories (part 2)
  7. Kate Greenaway
  8. Ernest Nister
  9. Periodicals and annuals before 1900
  10. Painting and colouring books

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