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The video sequences listed below show some of the processes used during the conservation of the Mazarin Chest, which was completed in summer 2008. The two conservators shown at work are Shayne Rivers, V&A Conservation Department and co-manager of the Mazarin Chest Project, and Yoshihiko Yamashita, freelance Japanese conservator and member of the project team.

2008年夏に終了したマザラン・チェスト保存修復計画の作業過程の数面をVTR で以下に紹介いたします。作業にあたる二人のコンサバターは、シェイン・リバーズ(当プロジェクトの共同マネージャーであるV&A保存修復部員)と山下好彦(プロジェクト・チームの一員である日本の漆芸修復家)の両名です。

Three videos showing the lid being secured prior to treatment, preparation of mugi-urushi consolidant, and checking the repair after application of consolidant.


Securing the lid - 蓋の固定

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Opening the lid and securing it with a length of fabric tape prior to treatment of crack to right of internal cartouche.


Preparing mugi-urushi consolidant - 補強材として使う麦漆の準備

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Checking repair to crack - 亀裂の修理の点検についてもっと詳しく知りたい

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Checking repair to crack to right of internal cartouche and removing excess mugi-urushi consolidant.




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