Primary Art & Design Workshops

Pop-Up Stories workshop

Pop-Up Stories workshop

Take part in playful and hands-on sessions led by professional artists and designers. Use the Museum collections to get ideas and inspiration to explore, design and make back in the studio.

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Pop-Up Stories - KS1 & 2

Uncover the exciting stories hidden in objects around the Museum and use these as starting points to create a pop-up collage back in the studio.

Cross-curricular links: Art & Design/Literacy
SummerTerm: 2 May, 2 June 2014

Perfect Patterns

Investigate design from the Islamic Middle East as well as other patterns around the Museum and then create your own digital design back in the studio.

Cross-curricular links: Art & Design/Maths/RE
Summer Term: 9 May, 16 June 2014

Victorian Inventor workshop

Victorian Inventor workshop

Victorian Inventor - KS2

Investigate weird and wonderful inventions around the Museum before having a go at creating your own 'bodging' poetry to inspire unusual designs using recycled materials.

Cross-curricular links: Design & Technology/History/Literacy
Summer Term: 12 May, 13 June 2014

Explore, Build, Play - KS2

Explore secret spaces in the museum and imagine turning them into a fantasy playground. Test out materials and build structures back in the studio.

Cross-curricular links: Design & Technology
Summer Term: 7 July 2014


Cost: £100
Timing: 10.30-12.30 & 13.00-15.00
Capacity: Maximum of 30 students per session
Book now on +44 (0)20 7942 2211 or email

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Modernism: Designing a New World (Paperback)

Modernism: Designing a New World (Paperback)

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Event - V&A Sanctuary

Fri 19 October 2012–Fri 11 July 2014

TEACHERS' EVENT: Recharge your creative batteries and work with artists, designers and makers. Enjoy meeting other creative teachers, try out new techniques, develop your own creative talents and get inspiration to take back to the classroom.

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