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The Archive of Art and Design was set up in 1977 and opened to the public in 1978. It houses a growing corpus of primary source material for the study of art and design, particularly of the 20th century. The Archive of Art and Design is open to students and researchers by appointment. See the Archives webpage for details of how to make an appointment.

This page lists publications about the Archive of Art and Design and its collections. There is another page which lists publications and theses based on research using the holdings of the Archive of Art and Design.

The pressmarks give the location number of published items held in the National Art Library. An AAD prefix indicates that items are held in the Archive of Art and Design.

Entries are in chronological order, with the most recent publications listed first.

  • Lomas, Elizabeth. Guide to the Archive of Art and Design, Victoria & Albert Museum. London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers in association with the Victoria and Albert Museum, c2001. ISBN 1579583156.
    Pressmark: AAD REF 026.7 LOM; 026.7 LOM; 604.AB.0331
  • Archives and collections: The Archive of Art and Design. Journal of Design History, 1996, vol.9, no.3, pp.215-221.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.4405 JOU; P.2.O
    Includes AAD accessions 1977 - 1995. Details are also given on how to access the National Art Library's Computer Catalogue via JANET and the Internet.
  • Kelly, Serena. Collecting archives: changes and consequences. Art Libraries Journal, 1996, vol.21, no.2, pp.30-34.
    Pressmark: AAD/1989/3; PP.8.P
    Includes references to the AAD collecting policy.
  • Cooknell, Jenny. A natural habitat. Business Archives Council Newsletter, Dec. 1995, no.101, p.2.
    Pressmark: AAD 026.65 BUS
    Report on the acquisition of the marketing records of Habitat UK Ltd, furniture and household goods retailer and manufacturer . Pressmark: AAD/1995/12
  • Gawne, Eleanor. The Victoria & Albert Museum’s Archive of Art and Design: resources for the study of costume. Costume, 1995, no.29, pp.109-113.
    Pressmark: AAD 391; PP.6.C
  • Hinton, Morna. The Archive of Art & Design. In:Using the Dress Collection at the V&A: a handbook for teachers. London: Victoria & Albert Museum, 1995. pp. 27-31. ISBN 1851771492.
    Pressmark: AAD 391.0074 VIC; VA.1995. Box.005
    Includes chapter on how to use the Archive of Art and Design and its fashion related archives.
  • Kelly, Serena. The V&A Archive and the Archive of Art & Design. Reading Room : a Newsletter for National Art Library Users, Autumn 1995, no.2, p.2.
    Pressmark: Staff Library
    An outline of AAD aims and collection strengths, and details relating to access.
  • Watson, Rowan. National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington. Book Trade History Group Newsletter, Jul. 1995, no.25, pp.7-11.
    Pressmark: AAD 070.5 BOO ; PP.108.C
    Lists AAD sources relating to the history of the book and book design.
  • Spencer, Sally. Undiscovered London. Where/London, May 1994, pp.20-21.ill.
    Pressmark: AAD 914.21 WHE
    Including the Archive of Art and Design.
  • Sim, Andrew. The Victoria & Albert Museum’s archive. Design Review, 1991, vol.1, no.1, pp.8-9. ill.
    Pressmark: PP.109.S
    Illustrated review describing the AAD and its holdings. 
  • Sweet, Meg. Archives and collections: the Archive of Art and Design, National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum. Journal of Design History, 1991, vol. 4, no.4, pp.255-258.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.4405 JOU ; PP.2.0
    Includes AAD accessions 1977-1991.
  • Wilcox, Claire. V&A Archive of Art & Design: a source of textile history. Quilters’ Review, Winter 1991, no.12, p.3.
    Pressmark: AAD 746.46.QUI ; PP.109.M
    Features the AAD textile holdings.
  • Sweet, Meg. Design education archives at the Archive of Art and Design. Design History Society Newsletter, Autumn 1990, no.47, pp.12-13.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.4405 DES; PP.6.H
    Featuring the papers of Sir Misha Black, architect, exhibition and industrial designer AAD/1980/3 and the records of the British Institute of Interior Design AAD/1988/20.
  • Sweet, Meg. Archives and collections: the Archive of Art and Design. Journal of Design History, 1989, vol.2, no.4, pp.293-297.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.4405 JOU ; PP.2.0
    Illustrates the range of research materials collected by examining documents from the records of Heal & Son Holdings plc., bedding and furniture manufacturers and retailers AAD/1978/2. Includes AAD accessions 1988.
  • Sweet, Meg. [Appendix]. Women at the Archive of Art and Design. In: Judy Attfield & Pat Kirkham, eds. View from the interior: feminism, women and design. London: Women’s Press, 1989. pp.239-240, ill. ISBN 0704341107.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.4082 VIE ; 4.L.234
    Includes list of AAD archives of woman designers.
  • Van der Wateren, Jan. Archival resources in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Art Libraries Journal, 1989, vol. 14, no.2, pp.16-27.
    Pressmark: AAD/1989/3 ; PP.8.P
    Includes discussion of the AAD collecting policy.
  • McDermott, Catherine. Working retreats. Designer, Jan. - Feb. 1988, vol.11, no.1, pp.23-25.
    Pressmark: AAD 745.205 DES ; 207.J.104
    An illustrated article describing the AAD and three other specialist libraries.
  • Niesewand, Nonie. Arty-fax. Vogue, Dec. 1988, no.12, pp.125, 188.
    Pressmark: AAD 391.205 VOG ; PP.1.A.
    Illustrated review of the exhibition of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘Small things' collection (AAD/1989/5) held Victoria & Albert Museum, Nov. 1988 - Jul. 1989.
  • Art & Design Archive for students. Fashion and Craft, Spring 1986, no 83, p.22.
    Pressmark: AAD 391.05 FAS
    A short feature on the Archive of Art and Design and its holdings.
  • Whalley, Irene. Manuscripts and archives at the V&A. Art Libraries Journal, 1978, vol.3, no.4, pp.33-35.
    Pressmark: AAD/1989/3 ; PP.8.P
    Background to the establishment of the Archive of Art and Design.
    Note: the Pugin material and the C.R. Ashbee papers referred to in the article were not transferred to the Archive of Art and Design.

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