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Introductory works

  • Blair, C. (ed.), The History of Silver (London, 1987)
  • Glanville, P., Silver (London, 1996)
  • Truman, C. (ed.), Sothebys Concise Encyclopedia of Silver (London,1993)

General works

  • Clayton, M., The Collectors Dictionary of the Silver and Gold in Great Britain and North America (Woodbridge, 1985)
  • Glanville, P., Silver in England (London, 1987)
  • Gruber, A., Silverware (New York, 1985)
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  • Langford, J., Silver: A Practical Guide to Collecting Silverware and Identifying Hallmarks (London, 1996)
  • Newman, H., An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware (London, 1987; paperback 2000)
  • Oman, C., English Domestic Silver, London, 1934 and Later London (London, 1985)
  • Schroder, T., The National Trust Book of English Domestic Silver, 1500-1900 (London, 1989)
  • Lomax, J., Rothwell, J., Country House Silver from Dunham Massey (The National Trust, 2008)
  • Shroder, T. (ed.), The Gilbert Collection at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, 2009)

More detailed reading

Sacred Silver

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, Victorian Church Art (London, 1971)
  • Alcouffe, D., Dion-Tenebaum, A., Ennes, P., Un Age d'Or des Arts Decoratifs, 1814-1848 (Paris, 1991)
  • Aldrich, M., A.W.N Pugin: Master of Gothic Revival (New York, 1995)
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  • Frazer English,  M., Medieval Church Treasuries (New York, 1985)
  • Thompson, P., William Butterfield (London, 1971)
  • Bazzo, Evelina, 1970-1995: The Work of the Silversmith's Studio, San Lorenzo, Milano (London, V&A 1995)
  • Wainwright, C. , Atterbury, P., Pugin: A Gothic Passion. A.W.N. Pugin 1812-1852 exhibition (London, 1994)


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  • Sheffield, The Sheffield Assay Office Register, 1773-1907 (Sheffield, 1989)
  • Tardy, Les Poinçons de Garantie Internationaux Pour L'Argent (Paris, 1977; English-language version 1981)

Special subjects and periods

  • Bury, S., Victorian Electroplate (London, 1971)
  • Culme, J., Nineteenth-Century Silver (London, 1977)
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  • Murdoch, T.,  Vigne, R., The French Hospital in England: Its Huguenot History and Collections (2009)

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