Room 53a: More Rococo & Developments in Ceramics


Room 53a delves further into the asymmetrical Rococo style . Motifs which typify the style such as 'C' and 'S' scrolls as well as marine elements can be seen on several objects in this room.  Also in this room is a display on ceramic production in the 18th century. Important milestones, such as the discovery of porcelain and the establishment of the first factories in London at Chelsea, Limehouse and Bow are explored here.

Room 53a is on Level 2 of the V&A South Kensington.

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Objects you can find in this gallery:

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European Ceramics

European Ceramics

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Event - Rococo to Art Nouveau 1720 - 1900 13/14

Thu 19 September 2013–Thu 10 July 2014

YEAR COURSE: Gain a unique perspective on European art during one of its most dynamic periods and consider the impact of political and social change on taste patronage and the art market.
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