Room 63: A World of Goods 1450–1600

Room 63: A World of Goods

The Edwin and Susan Davies Gallery

This gallery examines how design ideas were exchanged within and outside Europe. Objects, sometimes specifically designed for the Western market, were imported into Europe, and Islamic and Chinese techniques were imitated by European craftsmen. Exploration, conflict and diplomacy all played a part, with traditional trade relationships with the Islamic world complemented by new markets in the Far East and the New World.

Room 63 is n Level 1 of the V&A South Kensington.

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Objects you can find in this gallery:

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Netherlandish Sculpture 1450-1550

Netherlandish Sculpture 1450-1550

This is the first book to showcase the extensive collection of Netherlandish late-Medieval sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Netherlandish …

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Event - High Renaissance to Baroque 1500-1720 13/14

Wed 18 September 2013–Wed 09 July 2014

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