Room 116: Metalware

Metalware, room 116
The Belinda Gentle Gallery

This room is divided into two sections: brass and pewter. The brass display focuses on candlesticks reflecting 350 years of changes in style across Europe and dishes which illustrate the traditions of basin-beating in Germany and engraving in Italy. They show the metal's range and versatility. The pewter display includes many objects which show signs of heavy use in the places which touched most people's lives: home, tavern and church. Elaborate display pieces commemorating royal events have survived in better condition, as have the magnificent cups and flagons used in guild ceremonies. The collection's diversity allows us to trace the history of pewter styles from 1500 to the present.

Room 116 is on Level 3 of the V&A South Kensington.

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Objects you can find in this gallery:

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