Room 66: Silver Discovery Area


The Silver Discovery Area is located in Room 66. Here you can make your own hallmark, touch silver objects or explore x-rays. There is also a Discovery Wall with objects to identify. Also in Room 66 is the massive Victorian copy of the Jerningham Wine Cooler. The original was created in the 1700s at the request of Henry Jerningham, a banker and master silversmith. Elkington and Co. used their new technique of electroplating to produce the copy in the 1800s. It was one of 200 objects of English silver in Russia to be electroplated  Another interesting display here is the Rabinovitch collection of silver slices which demonstrates the skill and diversity of contemporary silversmiths.


The Medal Cabinet Appeal

We urgently need your help to raise £534,000 to save this rare and remarkable medal cabinet from export. We only have until July 2014 to acquire it and ensure its place in the national collections.

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Silver Oxidised Wrapped Ring By Disa Allsopp

Silver Oxidised Wrapped Ring By Disa Allsopp

British jeweller Disa Allsopp's beautifully handcrafted work attracts a dedicated following. Known for it's light, almost organic feel, Disa uses tech…

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Event - Silver from the Malay World

Tue 20 August 2013–Thu 30 October 2014

DISPLAY: This display explores the rich traditions of silver in the Malay world. Intricate ornament drawn from geometry and nature decorates dining vessels, clothing accessories and ceremonial regalia.

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