Room 84: Sacred Silver & Stained Glass

Sacred Silver, room 84

Sacred Silver
The richness or simplicity of the vessels used in Christian worship displayed here reflect the different theologies behind them. At various stages of church history, special kinds of church silver have been made in response to other concerns and beliefs: reliquaries for the venerated remains of saints, crosses for processions, alms dishes for the collection of gifts for the poor. This diversity reflects the complex history of the church and the living faith of its members.

Stained Glass
The stained and painted glass in this room illustrates the art of the glazier and glass painter from about 1140 to the present day. Many of the earlier panels are fragments of larger compositions. They were removed from their original locations by restorers, or rescued when the buildings were demolished.

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Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass in the Victoria and Albert Museum (HB)

Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass in the Victoria and Albert Museum (HB)

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