Room 125c: Influences from Beyond Europe

Room 125c: Influences from beyond Europe

In Victorian Britain, retailers sold a growing range of goods imported from Asia and the Islamic world. These countries provided new sources of inspiration for designers seeking to break away from the historic European styles that dominated British design during the 19th century.  Also on display here are advertising posters from the 19th century and information on new training available for designers.

Room 125c is on Level 4 of the V&A South Kensington.

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Objects you can find in this gallery:

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Death and Art: Europe 1200-1530

Death and Art: Europe 1200-1530

In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, where life expectancy was under forty and the Church taught that, after dying, the soul faced a terrifying and unc…

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Event - Italian Influences in British Art and Design

Mon 12 May 2014 11:00

Join Roisin Inglesby, assistant curator of ‘William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain’, as she leads a tour of the Museum exploring the subject of Italian influences in British art and design, with a special focus on the work of William Kent.

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