Room 146: Ceramics temporary displays

Gallery view of 'Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn, 15 October 2011' – 18 March 2012.

Gallery view of 'Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn', 15 October 2011 – 18 March 2012. Exhibition now closed.

Situated on level 6, room 146 houses temporary ceramics displays. Exhibitions have included Richard Slee: From Utility to Futility and Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn (Ceramic works, 500 BC - AD 20100.

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The Château de Juvisy Appeal

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Diamonds - Temporary Tattoo

Diamonds - Temporary Tattoo

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Tattly temporary tattoos are brilliantly fun and very cool. The designs are created by a co-operative of artists and desi…

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Event - Simon Carroll: Expressionist Potter

Sat 05 April 2014–Sun 04 January 2015

DISPLAY: An unconventional and adventurous artist, Simon Carroll produced some of the most singular and extraordinary ceramics of recent years.

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