Highlights in this issue

Alabaster conservation

Charlotte Hubbard, Sculpture Conservator, Conservation Department

Using the experience of the conservation of an alabaster figure, this article considers issues raised regarding its treatment.discussion relating to the degree of restoration involved.

Mind the gap: conservation of a Delftware bowl

Lorna Barnes, Ceramic Student on the RCA/V&A Conservation Course

Using extremely rudimentary conservation skills to assemble the fragments with a paste of animal glue and sawdust and it was in this form that they came to the V&A.

Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass

Drew Anderson, Stained Glass Student on the RCA/V&A Conservation Course

Frank Lloyd Wright's exhibition originally took place in Japan where a special structure was created for the display of the Kauffman office.

'It was the least unethical thing we could do'

Albert Nehere, Furniture Student on the RCA/V&A Conservation Course

This small clock highlights the decision-making process conservators enter into and the principles which they employ in that process, continuing the investigation begun in the last issue.