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Highlights in this issue

'The Stupendous Chandelier'

Rachel Oliver, Ceramics and Glass Conservation Student on the RCA/V&A Course

The chandelier needed extensive restoration and it was estimated that the work would take two man years and cost £22,000. The conservation team however had only two weeks...

Placement at the Theatre Museum

Dottie Rogers, Secretary to the Head of Conservation

The need for greater integration between the Conservation Department and the rest of the V&A prompted the opportunity to spend a week with another part of the Museum.

A Condition Survey of the Ceramics Collection at the Ulster Museum

Victoria Oakley , Head of Ceramics Conservation, Conservation Department Jim McGreevy , Keeper of Conservation, The Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum requested assistance from the V&A Conservation Department to take steps to cost all outstanding conservation work and set targets to deal with the backlog.

Those Who Can...

Helen Jones, Course Tutor, RCA/V&A Conservation Course

This article discusses the ethos of the RCA/V&A Conservation Course that the best teachers of conservation need to be experts in their field and that a good starting point is to take people who not only can, but do.