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Highlights in this issue

The Initial Conservation of an Archive of Rolled Architectural Drawings

Jane Rowlands, Contract Paper Conservator (January - June 1996), Paper Conservation

The archive represents almost all the remaining drawings produced by the firm of Frank Matcham (1854 -1920), the most prolific theatre architect of his generation.

The Conservation of Nineteenth Century Dissected Puzzles

Alison Norton , Paper Conservator, Paper and Book Conservation

The purpose of the project was to examine the problems associated with this type of composite object and to provide an initial framework for their conservation.

Conservation and Mounting of Leaves from the Akbarnama

Michael Wheeler, Senior Paper Conservator, Paper Conservation Clair Battisson, Conservation Mounter, Paper Conservation

The Akbarnama is a remarkable work of 116 miniature paintings, noted for its minute detail. The manuscript gives a picture of the emperor Akbar's life and times.

The Coronation of the Virgin - a Technical Study

Katharine Hugh, Curatorial Assistant, Apsley House, The Wellington Museum

The Coronation of the Virgin is attributed to Nardo di Cione, one of the leading artists of mid 14th century Florence.