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Highlights in this issue

The New British Galleries at the V&A

Nicholas Humphrey, Coordinator of the Tudor and Stuart Gallery Team, British Galleries Project

The renovation of the British Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum is the single largest display project undertaken by the Museum for fifty years.

'Natural Born Quillers' - Conservation of Paper Quills on the Sarah Siddons Plaque Frames

Clair Battisson, Conservation Mounter

Quilling (also known as paper filigree, paper mosaic, paper lace and paper scroll) describes the art of rolling thin strips of paper into shapes which are collectively used to form designs.

Photography in a New Light

Mark Haworth-Booth, Curator of Photographs Prints, Drawings and Photographs Department

What do we hope for from the Photography Gallery? We believe we are -thanks to our colleagues in Conservation Department - setting new standards in the presentation of fine photographs.  

The Conservation and Mounting of a Jinbaori

Marion Kite, Senior Textiles & Organic Materials Conservator, Textiles Conservation Audrey Hill, Conservation Assistant and Mounting Specialist, Textiles Conservation

This article discusses the conservation of a rare and unusual Japanese object. The Jinbaori evolved in the late 16th century as a surcoat worn over a full suit of Samurai armour.