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Highlights in this issue

An Exploration of the original appearance of Nicholas Hilliard's portrait miniatures using computer image manipulation

Nick Frayling, RCA/V&A Conservation Course, MPhil Student

The goal of this research project has been to simulate the original appearance of selected Hilliard portrait miniatures using computer image manipulation techniques.

Outer Limits: The Ups and Downs of Being a Student on a Collaborative MA Couse

Laura Davies, RCA/V&A Conservation Course (with the Museum of London), MA student, Applied Art and Social History Conservation

The education I receive from the Museum of London and the V& A is providing me with flexible, broad-based skills, which will be valuable to me in a changing conservation profession.  

Archaeopteryx - a wing and a prayer

William Lindsay, RCA/V&A Conservation Course (with the Natural History Museum), PhD Student, Head of Consevation, Natural History Museum

Risk assessment can be described as the study of decisions subject to uncertain consequences, and is applicable to any system where risks lurk, including the care of museum collections.  

Life as an Intern

Radhika Sahgal, Intern, Paper Conservation

The experience of working in the Paper Conservation Studio has been a very rewarding one. It has given me some insight into the planning that goes into mounting a large exhibition.