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Highlights in this issue

People watching: Monitoring heritage hospitality functions in historic houses

Nicky Ingram, MPhil Research Student, RCA/V&A Conservation

Sponsored by English Heritage, my research is into risk and the impact of special events (weddings, corporate receptions, dinners, etc.) on the contents and decorative finishes in historic houses.

Ethical considerations in the treatment of a Tibetan sculpture

Annie Hall, Metals Conservator

What began as an investigation of the technical features and deterioration factors of the 14th century Tibetan sculpture of the Buddha Shakyamuni, turned into an exploration of the ethical dilemma posed by intervention with a religious object.

Further applications of Raman microscopy in paper conservation

Alan Derbyshire, Senior Paper Conservator Mike Wheeler, Senior Paper Conservator

Raman microscopy is becoming increasingly popular as an analytical technique in the scientific and conservation departments of museums. Raman can be readily applied as an investigative tool in a variety of situations.  

Critical evaluation of laser cleaning of parchment documents

Marie Vest, PhD Research Student, RCA/V&A Conservation

Since October 2001 I have been a part-time PhD student on the RCA/V& A Conservation programme, combining research with my job as Lecturer at the School of Conservation, Copenhagen.