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Highlights in this issue

Developing the Islamic Middle East gallery and touring exhibition

Claire Thompson, Islamic Project Co-ordinator

In 2003, the V& A received a substantial donation from Hartwell plc, part of the Abdul Latif Jameel Group, to transform one of its historic galleries into a fitting home for the superb collection of Islamic art.

The traveling technician - the role of a technician as courier

Phil Sofer, Packing and Transport Technician

In recent years there has been a continued increase in the number of loans from the Museum to exhibitions in the UK and around the world. The Museum exhibition program has also expanded and it is not unusual for there to be three or more V&A exhibitions travelling the globe.

Harpies - past and present

Frances Hartog, Senior Textile Conservator Natalia Zagorska-Thomas, Textile Conservator

The Harpies is a fragmented piece of exquisitely woven silk double cloth depicting large human headed birds or harpies. It was excavated in the 1920s from a burial site in Rayy, Iran and dates from around the 11th century.

Tiles from the tomb of Buyanquli Khan

Fi Jordan, Senior Ceramics Conservator Barry Wood, Curator, Islamic Gallery Project (Asian Department)

A great number of tiles from the tomb of Buyanquli Khan are now to be found in collections throughout the world. The V&A has an especially complete collection, much of which has long been on display.