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  • Style Guide Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts Style Guide and Quiz: Learn more about Arts and Crafts design, the buildings and the people associated with the movement. Test your knowledge at the end.
  • The Art Workers Guild
    Art Workers Guild: The website of one of the founding institutions of the Arts and Crafts Movement
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
    Frank Lloyd Wright: Visit Wright houses on-line and learn more about the work of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
  • The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms
    Craftsman Farms: Today a museum, Craftsman Farms was the vision of the American entrepreneur and furniture manufacturer Gustav Stickley, who wanted to create a model farm with a cooperative community of homeowners and educational facilities
  • Hvitträsk | Museovirasto
    Hvitträsk: Featured in the exhibition, Hvitträsk was designed and built by the architects Eliel Saarinen, Hermann Gesellius and Armas Lindgren in 1901 - 3 as a rural retreat for their own use
  • Blackwell
    Blackwell: Featured in the International Arts and Crafts exhibition, Blackwell is a rare surviving example of an Arts and Crafts movement house in the UK that can be visited by the public today.
  • Emery Walker Arts and 7 Hammersmith Terrace - Arts and Crafts House
    Emery Walker Website: The Home of Emery Walker, printer and friend of William Morris, and the last Arts & Crafts interior to open to the public for the first and possibly last time
  • Welcome to Greene & Greene Virtual Archives
    Greene and Greene Virtual Archives: Virtual archives containing images of drawings, sketches, photographs, correspondence, and other historical documents related to the work of the Californian Arts and Crafts architects Greene & Greene
  • The Gamble House by Greene & Greene in Pasadena, California
    David B. Gamble House: Visit the only Greene and Greene house that survives intact with all its original furnishings
  • Unified Vision: The Architecture and Design of the Prairie School
    The Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Explore the unique collections in Minneapolis through these engaging on-line features