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Ways to Be Public

Ways to be Public

Display: Gallery 128a, Architecture

1 April – 30 September

Public architecture comprises the schools, libraries, hospitals, squares and other public places where we come together. These places have traditionally given meaning to, and made a setting for, our public lives. Today we live in an era defined by cultural, economic and social instability and incoherence, and public architecture has been forced to adapt. Ways to be Public presents an expanded role for architecture, showing how practitioners are using new tools, tactics and ideas to forge publics in a variety of ways.

From a flag designed for an entire continent, a decades-long endeavour to reconnect a city with its riverfront, a vegetable garden used to teach mathematics in schools, to a simple pamphlet to ensure street vendors aren’t unfairly fined, each of the projects here offers various ways to be public.

This architecture is collective, it brings people together and allows us to live together. Architecture, here, is a tool for defining new kinds of spaces which enable new forms of public life.

Ways to Be Public forms part of the wider exhibition All of This Belongs to You.

Curated by Rory Hyde, curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism.

Metahaven, Conceptual model of Sealand, 2004

Metahaven, Conceptual model of Sealand, 2004

OMA/AMO, EU Barcode, 2001

OMA/AMO, EU Barcode, 2001

Sabarmati Riverfront development, Ahmedabad, Bimal Patel, HCP Design and Project Management, 2011