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William Morris Exhumed

As a radical socialist, activist, architect, poet and designer of decorative arts, William Morris believed in the power of art and design as a force for social improvement. Artist Jeremy Deller and architect Sam Jacob explore the influence of Morris on their work today, and his place in history as an icon of an alternative way of life. Hosted by Keeper of Design, Architecture and Digital, Kieran Long. This event was part of the Art is Good for You Friday Late, 26 June 2015.

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Ways to Be Public

Author James Meek and architectural historian Karen Burns discuss the image of publicness. How do public institutions speak through design? And can we speak back? Moderated by Rory Hyde, curator of the Ways to Be Public display. This event took place on 12 June 2015.


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The Architecture of Public Truth

What role can architecture play in cases of state and corporate violence? Hear how artists, filmmakers, theorists and architects come together to produce documentary material for use as evidence in court, with Jacob Burns of Forensic Architecture in conversation with curator Rory Hyde. This event took place on 5 June 2015.

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Uncivil Humour: Ian Martin and Alison Jackson

A week before the UK General Election we invited comedy writer Ian Martin and artist Alison Jackson to discuss politics, satire and the cult of personality. In the context of All of This Belongs to You we asked do our politicians really belong to us?

Moderated by Corinna Gardner, curator of contemporary product design



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Public Voice: Femke Herregraven and Anab Jain

As part of our weekly speakers series for the exhibition All of This Belongs to You, designers Femke Herregraven and Anab Jain of Superflux explore the world of public information design today and into the future.

Superflux’s Drone Aviary is currently on show in gallery 74a, as part of the Civic Objects display, and Femke has created the online work Liquid Citizenship, a site which allows you to explore the current opportunities for purchasing national citizenships, passports or visas.

Moderated by Curator of Architecture and Urbanism Rory Hyde.

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Shelley McNamara and Finn Williams in conversation


The next in our series of conversations as part of the exhibition All of This Belongs to You featured Shelley McNamara, founder of the Dublin-based Grafton Architects, and Finn Williams, architect and planner with the GLA and Common Office, hosted by Rory Hyde, curator of architecture and urbanism.

What makes a good public space? Williams presents his Manifesto from the Coalface of Public Planning, and McNamara presents Grafton’s astonishing new project for the UTEC Campus in Lima. While each approaches this question of public space from very different positions, both share a generosity and commitment to the life of cities.

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City as Host: Liza Fior and Kieran Long

Our first event in the All of This Belongs to You series featured Liza Fior of muf art/architecture in conversation with Keeper of Design, Architecture and Digital Kieran Long, discussing the installation More Than One (Fragile) Thing at a Time.

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Alan Rusbridger on the Guardian’s destroyed MacBook at the V&A

Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of The Guardian, opened All of This Belongs to You speaking about The Guardian’s destroyed MacBook Air and Western Digital hard drives which are featured in the exhibition. These were destroyed under orders from GCHQ as they held leaked data from Edward Snowden. Initially considering their enforced destruction comparable to book burning, Rusbridger said he now recognizes the objects as “icons of the impotence of the state in the digital age”, giving a message of hope for countries where information is suppressed by their governments.

The MacBook and hard drives can be seen in the Ways to be Secret display, in gallery 76 of the museum. Follow the links below for more discussion of their role in the exhibition.

V&A Museum shows Guardian‘s destroyed MacBook as ART
Edward Snowden’s Smashed Laptop Belongs to Everyone
Destroyed Snowden laptop: the curatorial view

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