Supporters & Press

'We like to show the children 
that art is not just about 
drawing things on a piece 
of paper, there are lots of 
other things that can be 
classified as art… it just 
opens their eyes wider and 
gets their imagination going.' 
visitor comment from the V&A's touring 
exhibition Out of the Ordinary at  
the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. 
    Below: Sarah Brown and Sue Prichard
at the Quilts: 1700-2010 opening, March 2010

Over the past few years, generous and loyal support has enabled us to complete the first phase of FuturePlan. We would like to pay special tribute to those whose lifetime commitment to the V&A was central to this success, and to the development of many institutions around the world. We will remember the great generosity of the late Lord Wolfson of Marylebone whose commitment to the V&A began over 50 years ago, helping us through many projects, most notably the British Galleries and Medieval & Renaissance Galleries. We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Dr Mortimer Sackler, whose outstanding generosity, along with that of his family, enabled us to build the UK's pre-eminent museum education space, the V&A's Sackler Centre. We also pay tribute to the late Mr T. T. Tsui, who funded the complete renovation of the V&A's T. T. Tsui Gallery, transforming how we display highlights from our superb Chinese art collection. We are sincerely grateful to the late Robert H. Smith for his substantial generosity to the American Friends of the V&A, which funded the Robert H. Smith Gallery and the Robert H. Smith Renaissance Sculpture Programme.

The first phase of FuturePlan culminated in the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries. We would like to record our sincere thanks to the V&A's Chairman, Paul Ruddock,

and his wife, Jill, whose passion and commitment were a driving force behind this success. They were joined by the Heritage Lottery Fund, whose £9.75m investment made the galleries possible, as well as the Monument Trust, The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Wolfson Foundation, Edwin and Susan Davies, The American Friends of the V&A through the generosity of Robert H. Smith, The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, The Selz Foundation, The Bonita Trust, The Foyle Foundation, those who responded to our Medieval & Renaissance Galleries Appeal, and many others.

The Ceramics Galleries were another major achievement this year, and we would like to pay special tribute to Sir Timothy Sainsbury and the Headley Trust, whose exceptional support ensured that the project went ahead. We would also like to acknowledge the great generosity of Ronald and Rita McAulay, The American Friends of the V&A through the generosity of Lydia and Manfred Gorvy, the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, and many others. We now look forward to the opening of the Ceramics Study Galleries, an ambitious visible storage project made possible by the unstinting support of The Curtain Foundation and the generosity of
Sir Harry Djanogly CBE.

Sarah Brown and Sue Prichard at the Quilts: 1700-2010 opening, March 2010

The next phase of FuturePlan also includes the renovation of the historic Lecture Theatre following a gift from the American Friends of the V&A through the generosity of Lydia and Manfred Gorvy, as well as new galleries for Sculpture in Europe 1300-1600, supported by the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, and further galleries for furniture, Europe 1600-1800, and temporary exhibitions. With the generous support of The Clothworkers' Foundation, we are creating a textiles and fashion study and conservation centre. We are also cleaning the Exhibition Road façade, and restoring the Cast Courts. We would like to thank all those who have expressed an interest in helping us with these projects.

We are grateful to The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation for their support of a new gallery for Buddhist Sculpture, the associated programme and the acquisition of a rare bronze Mahasiddha statue. Other acquisitions have been made possible thanks to the continuing generosity of the Art Fund, the Friends of the V&A and the V&A Director's Circle. We remain grateful for all their loyal support.

Below: Donor panels in the V&A Main Entrance
Donor panels in the V&A Main Entrance

The Friends of the V&A continue to prioritise scholarship and curatorial development in their grants to the V&A, including a scholarship for the Attingham Summer School, a curatorial exchange programme with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and support for students on RCA/V&A programmes.

We would also like to thank the Friends for their generous contribution to the headline exhibition, Quilts 1700-2010.

Corporate sponsors provided vital support for the V&A's exhibition programme and we were delighted both to welcome back former sponsors and embark on new partnerships.

Ernst & Young, sponsors of Art Deco in 2003, returned to the V&A with a major sponsorship of the highly acclaimed exhibition, Maharaja: the Splendour of India's Royal Courts. Together we ran Maharaja-inspired workshops for vulnerable young people as part of the company's Art Matters initiative with Action for Children. We are also grateful to Van Cleef & Arpels for helping us create exceptional exhibition
opening events.

We were delighted to embark on a major first-time partnership with SAP. This multi-faceted collaboration provided invaluable support for Decode: Digital Design Sensations, and enabled the joint commissioning of two new digital works as well as free interactive learning events enjoyed by the public.

We would like to thank Coats Crafts and the Coats Foundation Trust for joining the Friends in supporting Quilts 1700-2010, a highlight of our spring
2010 programme.

The Museum valued a third year of partnership with ECCO Shoes, including the public debate series, Fashion Matters, and a collaboration with
V&A Magazine.

The V&A's exhibition programme was further boosted by the support of Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, who not only helped us launch the Jameel Prize for Islamic Art, but also funded the Jameel Prize Tour that continues around the Middle East. We are delighted to have such strong support from him and the
Jameel family.

Below: The Duke of Devonshire, Dame Jenny Abramsky and
Sir Mark Jones at the opening of the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries
The Duke of Devonshire, Dame Jenny  Abramsky and Sir Mark Jones at the opening of the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries

We continue to engage our supporters with our international work through Travel with the V&A. In 2009, we visited Moscow and St Petersburg, and we look forward to a trip to China in October 2010. We would like to thank all those who offer us their generous hospitality during these visits.

As always, our international programme is underpinned by the ongoing commitment of the American Friends of the V&A. We would like to thank the Board, led by Chair Diana Quasha, and all those who support the work of the American Friends.

For vital support of other areas of the V&A's activities, including conservation, research and education, we would particularly like to thank the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Saïd Foundation, and the Wates Foundation for their continuing support, as well as the other trusts and foundations who have helped.

Finally, we would like to record our appreciation of all those who provide vital support in other ways. Essential revenue comes from those who hire the Museum for corporate and private events or for filming, from those who have remembered the V&A in their wills, from our

Corporate Members and Director's Circle, as well as those who contribute to special appeals and the Membership programme. Our heart-felt thanks goes to all our supporters.

List of supporters

The V&A would like to pay special tribute
to the following major benefactors for their
exceptional support

  • The American Friends of
     the V&A
  • Arts and Humanities
     Research Council
  • The Art Fund
  • William and Judith Bollinger
  • The Bonita Trust
  • Julie and Robert Breckman
  • The Clore Duffield
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation
  • The Curtain Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs Edwin
     Davies OBE
  • DCMS/Wolfson Museums
     and Galleries
     Improvement Fund
  • Department for Culture,
     Media and Sport
  • Sir Harry Djanogly CBE
  • The Foyle Foundation
  • The Friends of the V&A
  • Sir Paul Getty, KBE
  • The Getty Foundation
  • Gilbert Public Arts
  • Gilbert Trust for the Arts
  • Lydia and Manfred Gorvy*
  • The Headley Trust
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • The Hintze Family Charitable
  • The Robert H. N. Ho
     Family Foundation
  • Andrew Hochhauser QC
  • The Iris Foundation*
  • Mohammed Abdul
     Latif Jameel
  • Pauline Johnstone
  • Sir John Madejski OBE DL
  • The Ronald and Rita
     McAulay Foundation
  • The Monument Trust
  • National Heritage
     Memorial Fund
  • The Porter Foundation
  • Hans and Märit Rausing
  • Paul and Jill Ruddock
  • The Dr Mortimer and Theresa
     Sackler Foundation
  • Simon Sainsbury
  • The Rt Hon Sir
     Timothy Sainsbury
  • Samsung
  • Leslie, Judith and
     Gabrielle Schreyer*
  • The Selz Foundation
  • Robert H. Smith*
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Mr T. T. Tsui
  • Dr Susan Weber*
  • The Weston Family
  • The A. H. Whiteley Family
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • And others who wish to
     remain anonymous

The V&A would like to thank the following for
generously supporting the Museum's ongoing
redevelopment in 2009/2010

  • Toby and Kate Anstruther
  • The Bonita Trust
  • William and Valerie Brake
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation
  • The Curtain Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs Edwin
     Davies OBE
  • DCMS/Wolfson Museums &
     Galleries Improvement Fund
  • Thomas Del Mar Ltd
  • Sir Harry Djanogly CBE
  • Sam Fogg
  • The Foyle Foundation
  • Prince and Princess
  • The Friends of the V&A
     Lydia and Manfred Gorvy*
  • Peggy and Richard
  • The Headley Trust
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • The Hintze Family
  • Charitable Foundation
  • Hilda Lewis in memory of
     Cecil Lewis
  • Mark and Liza Loveday
  • Ronald and Rita McAulay
  • Robert McCarthy
  • Mr and Mrs Harvey McGrath
  • The Monument Trust
  • J Paul Getty Jnr
     Charitable Trust
  • Ruth Covo Family
  • Paul and Jill Ruddock
  • The Rt Hon Sir
     Timothy Sainsbury
  • The Salomon Oppenheimer
     Philanthropic Foundation
  • The Basil Samuel
     Charitable Trust
  • The Selz Foundation
  • Robert H. Smith*
  • Aso O. Tavitian
  • Mr T. T. Tsui
  • The Garfield
     Weston Foundation
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • The Zochonis
     Charitable Trust
  • And others who wish to
     remain anonymous

The V&A is particularly grateful to those who have made a significant contribution to the Museum's work through the V&A Director's Circle

  • Platinum

  • The BAND Trust
  • Judith Bollinger
  • Mr and Mrs
     Thomas Brenninkmeijer
  • Stephen and Anne Curran
  • Dr Genevieve Davies and
     Mr Peter Davies
  • Lord and Lady Foster of
     Thames Bank
  • Andrew Hochhauser QC
  • Mr and Mrs Jerker Johansson
  • Michael and Fiona King
  • Mr and Mrs Harvey McGrath
  • Paul and Jill Ruddock
  • Mrs Virginia Shepherd
  • And others who wish to
     remain anonymous

  • Gold

  • Mr and Mrs Vahid Alaghband
  • William and Asli Arah
  • Mrs Robert G Doumar Jr
  • R & D Dumas
  • Mr and Mrs Eric Franck
  • The Robert Gavron
     Charitable Trust
  • Judy and Frank Grace
  • Mary and Douglas Hampson
  • Pam and Philip Joseph
  • The Hon Lady Keswick
  • Maurice and Rosemary
  • Mallett & Son (Antiques) Ltd
  • Bianca and Stuart Roden
  • Rosemarie Charitable Trust
  • Mr and Mrs William Salomon
  • Bob and Amy Stefanowski
  • Ian and Cristina Taylor
  • Frederick and Kathryn Uhde
  • And others who wish to
     remain anonymous

  • Silver

  • Mrs Aziza Allard
  • Harriet Anstruther
  • Toby and Kate Anstruther
  • The Hon Mrs Nicholas
  • Mr Edgar Astaire
  • Lewis and Jenny Baker
  • John and Bernadette Barber
  • Tom Beazley and Ingrid
  • Mr and Mrs Robert Berg
  • Louise Bhattacharjee
  • Mr and Mrs John Botts
  • Sonia Brian
  • Deborah Loeb Brice
  • The Bridgeman Art Library
  • Mr and Mrs Richard Burston
  • Katie Cardona
  • Russ and Linda Carr
  • Dominic and Nancy Casserley
  • Christie's International
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony
  • Mark and Cathy Corbett
  • Mr Paul Crane
  • Iain Cullen
  • Mr and Mrs Andrew Dalton
  • The Dashwood Group
  • Mr and Mrs M de Giorgio
  • Judy and Paul Dewinter
  • Debbie Dove
  • The Most Hon the
     Marchioness of Dufferin
     and Ava
  • Lord and Lady Egremont
  • Mrs Amanda Eliasch
  • Jeff and Emily Fergus
  • Lt Cdr Paul Fletcher
  • Joscelyn Fox
  • Prince and Princess
  • Monty Freedman
  • Francesca Galloway
  • Gander & White Shipping Ltd
  • Piers and Melanie Gibson
  • Paul Arthur Gismondi, Esq
  • Christopher and Diana
  • GP & J Baker Limited
  • Mr and Mrs Arne Groes
  • Clifford and Sooozee Gundle
  • Sascha and Marcus Hackel
  • Charles and Kaaren Hale
  • Melanie Hall QC
  • Mr and Mrs Rupert Hambro
  • Mrs Joan Hampson
  • Sir Ewan and Lady Harper
  • Kate Haslett
  • Mrs Katrin Henkel
  • Lady Heseltine
  • Mrs Jonathan Hindle
  • Mr and Mrs Russell Hoban
  • Anne Holmes-Drewry
  • Jasmine Horowitz
  • Fedellma Howard
  • Simone Hyman
  • Mr and Mrs Aftab Jafferjee
  • Pat and Sidney Jefcoate
  • Mr James Joll
  • Kenneth Jolleys
  • Lady Judge
  • Mrs Diana Kawkabani
  • Princess Jeet Nabha Khemka
  • and Mr Nand L Khemka
  • Sung Joo Kim
  • James and Clare Kirkman
  • Koopman Rare Art
  • Norman A Kurland and
  • Deborah A David
  • Jeanne Laffan
  • Dr Kartar Lalvani
  • Gerald Levin
  • Jeremy Levison and
     Norma Miller
  • Nigel and Heleen Lindsay-Fynn
  • Simon and Penny Linnett
  • Ruth and Stuart Lipton
  • Janet and Jim Lloyd
  • William Loschert
  • Mark and Liza Loveday
  • Mr and Mrs Harry Leuckert
  • Jacquie Malone
  • Richard Mansell-Jones
  • Janet Martin
  • Stephen and Penelope
  • Christina Mattin
  • Helle and Hardy McLain
  • Mr and Mrs J McNiff
  • MCB Mellish
  • Mrs RWP Mellish
  • Mr Lakshman Menon and
     Mr Darren Rickards
  • Mrs Ellen Miller Gavin
  • Mrs Julia Moir-Jones
  • Carla Muñoz Slaughter
  • Wally and Dornie Olins
  • Mr and Mrs Bernard Oppetit
  • Midge and Simon Palley
  • William Plapinger and
     Cassie Murray
  • Lady Purves
  • Graham and Jane Reddish
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony Renton
  • Mr and Mrs James Ritblat
  • Xavier and Nicole Rolet
  • Adrian Sassoon
  • Mr Albert and
     Dame Marjorie Scardino
  • Mr and Mrs Victor Segal
  • Mr and Mrs Tom Sharpe
  • Mr and Mrs David Silich
  • Mr Andrew Simpkin
  • S J Phillips Limited
  • Arnold Stevenson
  • David and Tanya Steyn
  • Margaret and Jeremy
  • Lucy Sun and Warren Felson
  • The Dowager Lady
  • Princess Shamina Talyarkhan
  • Mr and Mrs Ronald
  • Lee Tuan
  • Marina Vaizey
  • Robert and Felicity
  • Rev John and Mrs Carol
  • George and Patti White
  • Stephen White Esq
  • Mr & Mrs Rainer Zeitz
  • And others who wish to
     remain anonymous

The V&A would like to record its gratitude to the
following sponsors and supporters of
exhibitions and events

  • Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts

  • Ernst & Young
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Christie's

  • Decode: Digital Design Sensations

  • SAP

  • Quilts 1700-2010

  • The Friends of the V&A
  • Coats Crafts
  • Coats Foundation Trust
  • The Aurelius Charitable Trust
  • The Laura Ashley Foundation
  • The Worshipful Company
     of Needlemakers

The V&A would like to thank the following
Corporate Patrons and Corporate Members

  • Corporate Patrons

  • Apax Partners
  • Bloomberg
  • Ernst & Young
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds TSB Private Banking
  • Morgan Stanley
  • SAP
  • J.P. Morgan

  • Corporate Members

  • American Express
  • L'Oréal
  • Nomura
  • Pearson
  • Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • The Egerton House Hotel

The V&A is indebted to those who have made
generous gifts to support acquisitions, conservation,
learning and other projects

  • Acquisitions

  • Erika and Marion Adler in
      memory of their aunt Mimi
     Denis and their father
     Edward Adler
  • Bill Armstrong
  • The Art Fund
  • The Art Fund (with
     a contribution from The
     Wolfson Foundation)
  • Mr and Mrs Edward Atkin
  • Baroness Helen Bachofen
     von Echt
  • Paul Brown
  • Blackburn Associates Limited
  • Alina and Jeff Bliumis and
     Andrea Meislin Gallery*
  • Boodles
  • Mr and Mrs Charles
  • Pierre Brahm
  • Donald Brecker
  • Christopher Breward
  • Linda L. Brownrigg*
  • Chanel
  • Brigadier Clark Bequest
  • Harold Cohen
  • Stephen Conroy with
     Marc Balakjian and
     Dorothea Wright
     of Studio Prints
  • Giles Deacon
  • Terry Dennet
  • Annie and Otto Detlefs
  • Ray and Betty Dimbleby
     in memory of Joseph Barlow
     Robinson and his wife Ellen
     by their six grandsons
  • V&A Director's Circle
  • Sir Harry Djanogly CBE
  • Elizabeth Emanuel
  • Mitch Epstein
  • Jamie Estapa
  • The Friends of the V&A
  • Jeremy Gardiner
  • Gaster Fund
  • Jacqueline and Jonathan
  • Gilbert Bayes Charitable
  • Lady Marjorie Gilbert through
     the American Friends of the
     Art Fund
  • Nicholas and Judith
  • Mrs Grant
  • Mrs Noelene Grant
  • Mr and Mrs Gerard Griffin
  • Gift in memory of
     Mrs Joan Griffith, née
  • Peter Hall
  • Mark Haworth-Booth
  • Hildburgh Bequest
  • The Robert H. N. Ho
     Family Foundation
  • Robyn and John Horne
  • Lindsay Hoyer Miller
  • Hugh Phillips Bequest
  • Abel and Boris Hutten
  • Rose Issa through the
     Art Fund
  • Kenneth Kastytis Baublys
  • Dr A. T. Kuhn
  • Professor Roe Kyung-Jo
  • Richard Learoyd
  • Lee Tuan
  • Mr and Mrs Hugues Lepic
  • London Historic House
     Museums Trust in memory of
     George and Wendy Levy
  • David Lucas and John Lucas
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art,
     Costume Institute
  • T.G.A. Miller Bequest
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Professor Moegi Ito
  • Mr and Mrs M D Moross*
  • Elaine O'Hanrahan
  • Dr Edward Owen Walwyn
  • Padgett & Braham Ltd
  • Peter Page
  • Emma Paolozzi
  • Mrs Young Sook Park
     in honour of Tomio Taki
  • Patric Prince
  • Bernie and Sue Pucker in
      honour of Mrs Melville
     T. Hodder
  • Mark Reed
  • Royal Crown Derby
     Porcelain Co.
  • Mr Alan Rubin
  • Paul and Jill Ruddock
  • Leslie, Judith and
     Gabrielle Schreyer
  • Daniel Silver and Steven Cox
  • Lesley Silver and
     Shirley Schneer
  • Mrs E. J. F. Skeat in the
      name of the Stuart family
  • John Studzinski CBE
  • Stuart Family
  • Kan Tai-Keung
  • Travel with the V&A: Russia
  • Travel with the V&A: Syria
  • Linda and Robert Turner
     in honour of Katie Turner*
  • Barrie A. & Deedee Wigmore
  • And many other donors
  • Conservation

  • Daily Mail & General Trust
  • The Idlewild Trust
  • The Leche Trust
  • National Heritage Memorial
  • The Pilgrim Trust
  • The Worshipful Company
     of Grocers
  • And many other donors

  • Learning

  • The 29th May 1961
     Charitable Trust
  • The Baring Foundation
  • CETLD the Centre for
     Excellence in Teaching and
     Learning through Design
  • The Crafts Council
     Department for Culture,
     Media and Sport
  • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Saïd Foundation
  • The Wates Foundation
  • And many other donors
  • Other grants, sponsorship and donations

  • HH Sheikh Saud bin Mohamad bin
  • Ali Al-Thani
  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Anson Charitable Trust
  • The British Council
  • Linda L. Brownrigg*
  • ECCO Shoes
  • Frederick Warne & Co.
  • French Porcelain Society
  • H. Goldie & Co Ltd
  • Mr and Mrs Arthur H Grogan
  • The Headley Trust
  • Heineken UK
  • The Henry Moore Foundation
  • The Abdul Latif Jameel
  • Community Services Program
  • Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel
  • Marks & Spencer plc
  • Museums, Libraries &
  • Archives Council
  • Old Possum's Practical Trust
  • The Paul Mellon Centre for
     Studies in British Art
  • Diana Quasha*
  • The Royal Commission for
     the Exhibition of 1851
  • Robert H. Smith*
  • The Dr Mortimer and
     Theresa Sackler Foundation
  • Samuel H. Kress Foundation
  • Leslie and Judith Schreyer*
  • Sotheby's
  • Philip and Irene Toll Gage
  • Toshiba International
  • Patricia Wengraf Ltd
  • World Collections Programme
  • The Worshipful Company
     of Furniture Makers
  • And many other donors

V&A Museum of Childhood is very grateful for the generous support it has received from

  • Aldgate and All Hallows
     Barking Exhibition
  • Arts Council England,
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Catkin Pussywillow Charitable
  • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • Fidelity (UK) Foundation
  • Robert Freidus*
  • Helen Hamlyn Trust
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • London Borough of Tower
  • M&G Investments
  • Old Possum's Practical Trust
  • The Wates Foundation
  • And many other donors

The V&A is most grateful to the Trustees of the American Friends of the V&A for their valuable commitment and support

  • Mrs Diana Quasha (Chair)
  • Mr Richard Greenfield
  • Mrs Audrey Gruss
  • Mr Michael Lynton
  • Mr Leslie Schreyer
  • Mr Bernard Selz
  • Dr Susan Weber

The V&A would like to pay tribute to all of those
who have left a legacy to the Museum

  • Geoffrey Akerman
  • Dr Patricia L. Baker
  • Anne Caroline Davies
  • Raymond Daviest
  • Dr Raymond Ingram
  • Diana Jefferson
  • Pauline Johnstone
  • Winifred Kimberley
  • David Leslie Medd
  • Barbara Morris
  • Oppi Untracht
  • George Victor and Joan
  • Andrew Wiseman

*The donations marked with an asterisk were made
possible by the American Friends of the V&A

The V&A is very grateful for the many objects which have been accepted by Her Majesty's Government in
lieu of Inheritance Tax and allocated to the Victoria
and Albert Museum in 2009/2010

'What Decode highlights is the
living, breathing nature of art...
A deep, often exhilarating ride
of ideas.'

David Crookes, Grafik
'The V&A's new exhibition
is a serious attempt to put the myth of the maharajas in its proper context.'
William Dalrymple, The Guardian, on Maharaja: the Splendour of India's Royal Courts
'It's not about bringing surplus bits of the
V&A collection - it's about sharing the most
exciting parts of our programme and working
in partnership to make Dundee a bit of a
creative hub.'

Mike Wade quotes Sir Mark Jones, on the proposed V&A at Dundee, The Times

'This is a very
classy exhibition,
displaying the
V&A's ability at its
best ...Prepare to
be dazzled.'

Joanna Pitman, The Times,
on Maharaja: the Splendour of India's Royal Courts

Five Stars

'Museums don't come
much sweeter than the
V&A, where the events
and activities are almost
as big a lure as the
collections & exhibitions'
Sara O'Reilly, Time Out

'It's an excellent example
of how to adapt a
matchless scholarly
collection so that it can
seduce a general
Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent,
on the new Ceramics Galleries

'The whole project, designed by
architects MUMA in collaboration with
the V&A's curators, is a triumph.'

Richard Dorment, The Daily Telegraph, on the new Medieval & Renaissance Galleries

' I read these details through
wet eyes. That is the power
these things have. That is why
people sew quilts. That is why
this is an engrossing show. '
Waldemar Januszczak, The Sunday Times, on Quilts: 1700-2010
' An entire aesthetic
unfurls in all its ornate
complexity in a show
exploring the creation of
a highly wrought vision. '
Rachel Campbell Johnston,
The Times, on Horace Walpole
and Strawberry Hill
' It deserves its enormous success... a show to enthrall
and inspire in equal measure '
Laura Cumming, The Observer, on Quilts: 1700-2010

' If you only do one thing this
week, seek enlightenment at
the V&A's new gallery devoted
to sculptures of benevolent
Buddhas '

Ossian Ward, Time Out,
on the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Gallery
' The V&A's Medieval and
Renaissance Galleries will be thrilling people for
decades to come '

Paula Weideger,
The Wall Street Journal
''s the best show of
surrealism so far this century. '

Philippa Stockley, London Evening Standard, on
Telling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design
' The V&A's Fashion in
Motion events are always a treat and the latest one
promises to be no
different '

Laura Craik,
London Evening Standard