The V&A, in partnership with SAP, has commissioned Julius Popp to create a new piece of work for the Decode exhibition. Responding to a joint brief, Popp has created bit.code, a large-scale installation in the Grand Entrance of the Museum.

bit.code consists of a large bank of spinning black and white moving energy chains. The energy chains represent the vast quantity of data we receive in our daily lives. As the chains spin they create a confusing image of unreadable information. At certain points, the energy chains align and words become readable.

Working closely with Julius Popp, SAP has utilised its SAP BusinessObjects Text Analysis software to collect heavily used words from various news feeds, blogs and news sites according to popularity. These words are then fed in to a database which bit.code will draw from and visualise.

Within the Grand Entrance of the Museum it will be possible to see what is happening across global information networks. The installation will be constantly updated creating a dynamic visualisation of online news activity. bit.code filters this activity to give a sense of clarity and perspective.