The Exhibition

Decode looks at three current themes within digital design: Code shows how computer code, whether bespoke and tailored, or hacked and shared, has become a new design tool; Interactivity presents works that respond to our physical presence; Network charts or reworks the traces we leave behind.

Exhibition Design: Francesco Draisci Studio
Graphic Design: Hawaii Design
Exhibition Lighting: ZNA Consultancy
Exhibition Contractor: MDM Props
AV Contractor: AztecUK
Website design and build: Saint@RKCR

Digital technology is providing new tools for artists and designers. Innovative, often interactive, displays use generative software, animation and other responsive technologies to install a 'live' element into contemporary artworks. Some works exist in a state of perpetual evolution; others are altered by the behaviour of the spectator.

From designs that draw on the barest fundamentals of code – the zeros and ones of the binary system – written by a single programmer, to art that encompasses a global collective of online creativity, many of the exhibits here defy traditional design categories. They blur the boundaries between practices, between programming and performance, creator and participant.