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Edward's Snug

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Quilt address: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK

Edward's Snug


31/10/2009 - One day whilst sorting through some old sheets and pillowcases had inspiration to make a quilt for my son for Christmas. Having never made a quilt before I embarked on a completely hand sewn quilt with embroidered 'pictures' which are symbolic of Edward's little life so far. He has just turned 2. Although fairly crude I am so proud of it as I have never made anything like this before, and it is symbolic of my first year as a 'mum' and is extra special as it was made specifically for Edward. It lives on his bed and gets trampled on daily, so is already becoming a little war-torn but this adds to the charm! I have now made one for my eldest niece, and another is progressing for my other niece. Each one takes about 3-4 months. .

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