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Faux Victorian Hallway

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Faux Victorian Hallway


10/01/2010 - I created this patchwork quilt as a homage to beautiful Victorian tiled hallways - not only does my 'tiled hallway' look fabulous but it also feels fabulous! Machine stitched and hand quilted measuring approximately 2 x 2 metres. In the background is another of my favourite quilts I made approximately 6 years ago. It is made up of jewel coloured circles, each made of 4 different fabrics on a black background with multi coloured polka dots. To make use of the 'waste' cut outs I cut them in half, sewed them together and created an unusual 3D border of flaps - under some of which I sneaked in some of my favourite fabrics which gives it a lovely sneak peek effect. It is machine stitched and hand quilted and measures 2 x 2 metres..

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