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Scorched Homeland

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Quilt address: Wickrath, Germany

Scorched Homeland


00/00/0000 - We live within biking distance to a gutted moonscape at the edge of Europe’s vastest opencast mine and four worst smoke belchers. Thousands of pumps deplete the groundwater level, nature reserve wetlands are on the drip, dust pollution exceeds limits, farmland has to retreat for an outdated technology. Old villages disappear from the map after years of futile struggle, even the cemeteries have to move. Some people run into debt due to poor compensation. The resettlers‘ new places resemble showhouse estates or Lego-land, clean and no longer rural because the farms are relocated out of town. Although we’re aware of our homeland being irretrievably lost, we put up with the ecocide for our comfortable life – power out of the socket. This quilt was part of"Tactile Architecture 2008".

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