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Cold Comfort Cabin

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Cold Comfort Cabin


00/00/0000 - A log cabin quilt in barn raising formation. My husband bought me two sets of fat quarters (lights and darks in reds. greens beiges and cream and pinks) in Chartres, France. I sorted my other fabrics of similar colours to add to this and bought a few others. The traditional red central square uses up backing fabric left over from Jada's Rainbow. This quilt was made during an intensely stressful time for the extended family. My sister was murdered 12 years ago.The lives of every memebr of the extended family were indelibly affected and irreparable damage has been done to relationships and careers. It took the family many years to recover. I use that word for want of another. In 2007 a murder trial was mounted (against our wishes) and the nightmare was revisited. The ramifications of that, in particular the timing, have literally wrecked the lives of my parents and my sister's son and almost brought my marriage to an end. The quilt, pictured when the top was completed (machine pieced sometimes in a rather frantic mood) has since been filled, backed and quilted in the ditch by hand. During the quilting stage (Feb-March 2010) the quilt became a soothing companion as it curled around my legs in the cold evenings. It's name, a play on Log Cabin and the name of the book Cold Comfort Farm (Stella Gibbons) reflects the theme of our lives at this time and the quilt itself is probably responsible in part for the gradual recovery of my equilibrium..

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