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Two jubilees - George III Jubilee with Victoria Jubilee corner patches

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Quilt address: Holrook, Cumberland, UK

Two jubilees - George III Jubilee with Victoria Jubilee corner patches


00/00/0000 - Poor flash photo doesn't do it justice. Bought in Foyles Gallery in 1970s and years later found to be pictured in Creative Patchwork by June Field. It had been in her collection and had come from a farmhouse in Cumberland, Printed Geo III centrepiece surrounded by contemporary textiles. The cloth with dark brown blotches appears in an original manufacturers sample book featured in Interiors magazine. Handsewn, but later the edges were repaired and corners patched with Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee cloth and erratic machine sewing. Other quilts exist with the same centrepiece including one in the V&A with a matching printed leaf design band. This quilt probably unique in featuring two jubilees. We would dearly like to continue the tradition and attach an outer border featuring the present monarch's jubilees. We know Golden Jubilee cloth was printed but had no luck when we approached the Jubilee office at the time. And now I think there is another jubilee. Can anyone help? Even bits of commemorative teatowel would do or perhaps we will have to make our own computer heat transfer cloth. .

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