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Mint Chocolate Anyone?

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Quilt address: Mississauga, ON L4W 2G6, Canada

Mint Chocolate Anyone?


22/05/2010 - In Sept 2009 I started quilting by taking lessons at my local quilt store (Quilters Palette in Toronto). Then I entered their contest to make a quilt out of their challenge fabric. After looking, feeling and pondering the chocolatey, swirly brown fabric an idea of a chocolate box came to me. I used multiple fat quarters to make the 9 Patch 'chocolate's with minty green corners to create the Snowball Block. More minty greens were used in the Prairie Points which became the frills in the fancy box of chocolates. I loved using multiple fabrics to create this quilt - the viewing public must have liked it too as it won first prize! See other images to view the back of the quilt which is a glass of milk using the various chocolate coloured fabrics The minty green stripey fabric for the straw is also the binding fabric..

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