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New Directions

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Quilt address: Dechmont, West Lothian EH54, UK

New Directions


00/00/0000 - (This quilt was made as a ‘talisman’ for the safe return from Israel of my son and his Israeli girlfriend.) The design The Mariner’s Compass in the central block is symbolic of all the far reaches of the world they have both seen – the furthest being New Zealand where they met - and all of those they would still see together. The quilting The motifs around the compass are – at the top, the Star of David to represent Israel and the St Andrew’s Cross for Scotland and, at the bottom, a Luckenbooth. This is a Scottish symbol of love dating from the 17th century. The fabric I was attracted to the hand dyed orange/yellows and yellow/ browns as they suggested the warmth and vibrancy I remember from my visit to Israel in 2000 while the strong blue reflects the colder climes of the Scottish Highlands. .

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