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Surprise Birthday Quilt

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Quilt address: Hampstead, Greater London, UK

Surprise Birthday Quilt


01/10/2009 - I made this quilt as a surprise for my sister's birthday. It started with some undersea-themed fabric by Anna Griffin and grew from there; I wanted to make some very wide strips with high-contrast colours in greens, blues and reds. I ended up buying so much fabric for the quilt that I decided that I could make two different sides so that it was reversible instead of having just a plain backing. A red, pink and blue colour scheme with a large diamond feature in the middle just sort of took shape as I went. Putting the front and the back together and making sure my quilting lines weren't ruining the design was the hardest part; in the end I just quilted straight vertical lines with two different colours. Six months after the quilting was done I finally got the chance to bring it to Canada and give it to my sister as a very belated birthday present..

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