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Brooklyn Bridge Quilt

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Quilt address: Hampstead, Greater London, UK

Brooklyn Bridge Quilt


11/01/2010 - I made this quilt for my husband's birthday. It's a lap-sized quilt rather than a full one so he can easily bring it from room to room and use it all over the house, particularly (right now, anyway) in the study, which is the site of most of his PhD work. His thesis is on an American modernist poet, Hart Crane, whose most famous work is an epic poem about the Brooklyn Bridge. The centre panel is a black and white photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge I found on Flickr (with Creative Commons licence) and printed onto a piece of silk fabric during one of the V&A's digital textile design courses. I got most of the gray fabric on the front from a V&A colleague, and the back of the quilt is made entirely from old pairs of blue and navy trousers belonging to both myself and my husband. I hand-embroidered some of the strips in bright orange perle cotton, which I wasn't sure would look good but ended up giving a lovely texture and complementing the grays and blues very well..

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