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Alhambra Romance

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Quilt address: Sydney NSW, Australia

Alhambra Romance


10/10/2006 - I designed and made "Alhambra Romance" as a wedding gift for my son and daughter-in-law. They had visited the Alhambra in Spain on the holiday when he proposed to her, and were enchanted by the tiles on the walls. After studying one such tile pattern in a photo they had given me, I drafted the pattern (not easy for me as I'm somewhat mathematically challenged!) and then hand-appliqueed hundreds of hand-dyed fabric "tiles" onto a neutral-coloured background. This quilt-in-progress travelled with me and my husband to Greece, Egypt, Italy, France and England as my handwork project on an extended holiday, and the hand quilting was finally finished in time for the wedding at home in Sydney, Australia, in October 2006. From start to finish "Alhambra Romance" took me approximately 15 months and was a labour of love - even though it took me completely out of my comfort zone!.

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