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Sea Fever- For Laura

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Quilt address: Chester, NS, Canada

Sea Fever- For Laura


00/00/0000 - Made for a show in England; in loving memory of Laura Gainey, a sweet, wonderful young lady who loved sailing the tall ships. She was lost at sea Dec. 8, 2006 when she was swept overboard from the barque Picton Castle while sailing to Grenada. Laura was much loved by all who knew her. The quilt is a depiction of the Picton Castle with dye-painted and stitched sails and rigging. Laura's image is on organza and appears over the ship she loved. To the left of the ship is stitched the poem "Sea Fever" by John Masefield, poet laureate of England 1930-1967. The quilt is owned by Captain Dan Moreland of the Picton Castle who was not on the trip where Laura was lost. The photo that the main image was taken from (with permission) is on the home page of the Barque Picton Castle whose home port is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia just down the coast from my home in Chester..

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