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Elements of Magic

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Quilt address: Westminster, London, UK

Elements of Magic


20/07/2002 - This quilt is inspired by my fascination with the concept of magic: from the Greek "magela" - it opens doors through ritual, spells and psychological manipulation. Magic is the antecedent of science. There were early times when science did not exist and mankind was seeking a way to understand natural phenomena. The art of writing and drawing was sacred; a Magus used magical shapes which transformed chaos into something that could be understood and controlled. The symbols in the quilt represent a number of things: Chinese and Hebrew script; Taoist calligraphy; Mayan glyphs; geometrical shapes; grids; curved, ribbon-like shapes; arrows, spirals and waves. All symbols used by mankind in its search for meaning and order. The technique is mostly fused appliqué..

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