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Silk Storm

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Quilt address: London, UK

Silk Storm


21/06/2005 - I made silk papers in a workshop and wanted to feature them on a quilt. I chose my favourite turquoise and peacock colours for the quilt top, and machine pieced large geometric shapes. Before quilting, I inserted 6 layers of coloured gauze and silk between the quilt top and wadding in various spots so I could slash the top and expose the fabrics beneath. I machine-quilted the piece with intersecting parallel lines to create the feeling of a swirling storm. The silk papers were appliquéd to the quilt so they would look as if they were blowing in the wind. After quilting, I slashed the fabric to expose all the layers; I added beads to some slashed areas. The quilt measures 38 1/2” long X 39” wide; 98cm X 99cm wide .

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