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Brilliant Flowers of Summer Appliqued Quilt

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Quilt address: Madison, WI, USA

Brilliant Flowers of Summer Appliqued Quilt


22/04/2009 - There are five flowers appliqued on: a spiral, a ribbon loop flower, a thicker spiral, circles, and circles within circles. I layered different green fabrics to create dimension on the stems. I also cut out some of those adorable bugs from the border and appliqued them into the quilt…bringing the border into the main picture. To finish the design off I found a couple of cute butterflies and a dragonfly to applique into the upper corner. Now that my design was complete, it was time to quilt. Since getting my new sewing machine, I have much more confidence in my ability to quilt. I decided that I would do this one myself instead of sending it to my aunt-in-law. I chose a bubbly printed blue flannel fabric as the backing. I typically like to use flannel to add an extra level of coziness to the quilt. I sewed all of my flowers and bugs on. Then I quilted the ‘sky’ in a ‘wind’ pattern, the lowest green in a ‘grass’ pattern and the middle in just a random jigsaw-esque pattern. I used hand-dyed fabric to bind this quilt. .

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