Hilary Gooding
The Long Grass Whispers This little quilt (12" x 12") was made as a birthday gift for a friend whom I had met in South Africa and who loves lizards. The lizard is machine embroidered, the rest are free machine stitched.
Still life Exploring the possibilities of combining machine embroidery with applique and painting the fabric.
Crown of Thorns Made from fabric units created in a workshop with Nancy Crow. This was the turning point in my journey as a quilter. I realised that I could break all the rules and create something uniquely my own.
Celtic Connection Made for a challenge of the same name. The first time I really used the design programme on my sewing machine to create motifs like the rotary cutter, scissors etc. A modern day quilter's illuminated quilt.
Line and Shape Made in a workshop with Ann Johnston in Houston exploring line and shape.