Christopher Wilson Tate
Antique English Victorian Silk Crazy Patchwork dated 1888 Unique English Victorian Silk Crazy Patchwork dated 1888, it has so much incredible work, embroideries, animals, flowers, birds, Romeo and Juliette cats, the more you look, the more you see
Antique English Victorian Silk Tumbling Block Patchwork circa 1870 This is a section of a beautiful Victorian English Silk Patchwork, in my collection, with a velvet border and a full chintz reverse. Superb work and design
Antique English Georgian Chintz Patchwork circa 1825/1830 These are a few sections of a beautiful antique english georgian chintz patchwork, with incredible fine quilting measuring 300cm x 310cm, in wonderful condition.
Three Sections of an Early English Georgian Chintz Patchwork from circa 1825/1830 This is a beautiful Antique English Georgian Patchwork Chintz Quilt in my collection, enormous in size 315cm x 310cm.The work and quilting is breathtaking.
Antique English Prince of Wales Feather This is one of my favourites, a rare example of an English Quilt circa 1880 from Weardale Co Durham, never used