Chinese Lattic 1 -orange/blue Paper, gesso, paint and fabric tiles, sewn by large hand stitching, to heavily free machined background. Greek key details on quilting used in this instance to denote harmony and family relationships.
Yellow Daisies Painted and dyed fabric. Raw edge applique, heavy machine stitching. Paint
Hogweed One of a series of quilts based on Hogweed. Dyed and painted cloths, heavy free machining, and painted seed heads on the left hand side, and details drawn and stitched inlay on right hand side. Poetry along stem shapes on right hand side.
40 Voices My reaction to Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis. A piece of choral music written to celebrate Queen Elizabeth 1 40th birthday. Dyed cloth, reverse applique, paint, hand stitch, heavy machine stitch.
Autumn Birches Dyed cotton with heavy free machining, discharged and painted using acrylics and markal sticks.
Decay Over time, everything decays. Collaged fabric background, machine threads and stitch. Embroidered words; muse, amuse, use etc (from Museum) .Markal stick rubbings of ammonites. Gold leaf images, Melted "decayed" overlay of dyed georgette. Site specific to Warwickshire museum.
Porpita 3 Based on light falling on microscopic jellyfish and making spectral waves of colour. Pieced cotton, free machining, burnt holes with reverse applique
Bamboo Dyed cloth, free machined, discharged and painted with acrylics, pen and ink.