First Great Grandson Alexander and Mom This full shot of the quilt goes with the previous images. Duh
First Great Grandson - a Heartfelt Gift My Quilt University course in Susan Dorchester's Broderie Perse class came at the right time when my first great grandson was born in August 2009. His mom and dad were in Hawaii then, and when they sent this photo, it was the perfect subject for my class project. I really loved making this quilt. The photo was printed on fabric, using my inkjet printer, which came out very well. All the flowers were fussy cut (sore fingers and hands), and I added some crystal flowers and butterflies in the wreath to make it pop a bit. The flowers were quilted with invisible thread. All other quilting was done with Superior Rainbows. The 'trees of life' in the four inside corners are duplicated in the four outer corners in the border. The background is a deep black, but I overexposed the shot to show the quilting.