MULAN from SABRINA MOELLER DA ROSA This quilt is a vision of author of the beauty and force, of "MULAN" the samurai woman, under the serenity of the flower of the peach three. One warrior woman, but delightful in your tranquility. This iece is the winner of the "12ยบ Festival Nacional de Quilt e Patchwork de Gramado - 2009" (12th National Quilt and Patchwork Festival from Gramado City - Brazil - 2009) in the Realistic Figurative Panel category. Enlarge 51"x51".
"O Tom da Bossa Nova" from Sabrina Moeller da Rosa This quilt, are the champion in the competetion of the brazilian specialit magazine Patch & Afins, dedicated at the patchwork interest. The image retrate the musicalit of the TOM JOBIM, the big creator of the brazilian musical moviment enominated "BOSSA NOVA". This piece enlarge is 35"x27".