Greetings from Gafsa A watercolour of a town in Tunisia interpreted in silk. The first quilt I machine quilted having acquired a new sewing machine ( previously used a hand turned Singer). This quilt featured in book ' The Quilters Guide to Pictorial Quilts'
Medieval Tiles Inspired by medieval tiles at the British Museum, this double sized quilt took 7 years to complete! The centre 'tiles' are batik, each group of tiles is hand quilted with a different tile pattern:each square took 1 hour to quilt.
Serifos storm Watching a sudden storm advance across the mountains and sea while sketching at the harbour on Greek island Serifos. Hand dyed indigo fabrics,slashed silk organza , machine quilting and hand stitching
From Pedra, a rose-red city half as old as time Inspired by the colours of Petra in Jordan - the brightness of the Treasury after walking through the Siq. Made for 'Poetry in Stitches' challenge, it spend a year in a hospital waiting room before its return.
Erg Chebbi Inspired by the sand ripples on dune 'Erg Chebbi' in Morocco. Pieced from silks and cottons, hand stitched with silk buttonhole thread
Castle Pillar Rock Memories of watching the sun set over Castle Pillar Rock in Australia, the colours of the land changing every minute. A disastrous quilt rescued by painting over it with acrylic paints