Far East I wanted to use some of my Japanese and Chinese fabric and I wanted to try some different techniques as well as to use some uncommon colour combinations.
Grandma Pesk, 1912 1991, a Swiss au pair girl brought this quilt top to Switzerland. She had bought it in Greenville, South Carolina in a garage sale. In one of the middle blocks there is stitched "Grandma Pesk", in another one "1912". The quilt top got in my hands in 2007 however it was in a terrible state. I had to wash it and to mend most of the blocks. Sometimes I had to replace some patches by fabric of my own stash but origine about of the same age. Often I had to complete the herringbone stitches which are around all of the patches. I completed the top to a quilt. Its size is 172 to 153 cm and it consits of 56 blocks.