Emily's Other Quilt Of two designs I made for my daughter this is the quilt she did not choose. But it was so easy and satisfied my need to make a blue-based scrap quilt ... once again!
Thanks mum My mother gave me a suitcase ! full of patchwork fabrics. Many were twenty years old. This medallion quilt top is the result.
Emily's quilt I made this quilt for my daughter who asked for blue. It was the traditional version of two I made, not being sure what she would prefer... I have long since given up trying to buy anything of fabric for her - I never quite get it right. But this quilt she loves!
Florence and Robyn Robyn, a friend with no time left to quilt, generously gave me some appliqued squares she had made years ago. Those squares are from a famous Florence Peto quilt design. So my quilt is the result of much kindness from Robyn in 2010 and inspiration from Florence back in 1950.