Very Merry Merry Go Round This quilt of "Queen of May" blocks was made for a friend whose birthday is in May. I had so much fun playing with so many bright colours. I figure its the sort of quilt you could look at for a lifetime and see something different every time.
stripe boxes This quilt was based on Kaffe Fasset's Shirt Boxes pattern.i made this quilt for my stepfather because he wears a lot of stripy blue shirts. It was one of my very first quilts and i spent days cutting out triangles with scissors because i didn't know i could use a rotary cutter. Still, it was a labor of love. The funny part is that he preferred the backing side and to this day it's upside down on his bed.
Super Seventies I made this quilt for my parents in laws 70th birthday( they have the same birthday). In keeping with the theme I used 70 different fabrics all in soft pastel shades with a few stronger colours to add depth.
Lucky Dip This quilt was made entirely of scraps. I had so much fun just sitting and sewing, playing with colour and loving the smallest bits of fabrics. it was also the first quilt I machine quilted so that makes it special too.
All you need is love I made this quilt for a friend who wasn't well. I'd planned to make him a Beatles quilt and had the fabrics for about a year but as soon as I heard he was unwell i made it, and quilted (part machine and part hand quilted) and finished in 2 weeks. Its a good reminder not to put things off.